Building Bridges Across Cultures

A workshop which can be customized to address specific business challenges when working across cultures and geographies. This workshop helps your leaders and organization develop greater capacity to leverage the natural diversity of your global business and dispersed teams. Read More..

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are a powerful group learning experience that supports leaders developing specific skill areas while practicing their coaching skills. Led by Tracy Ann (or an Affiliate Master Coach) participants have the opportunity to receive coaching on a specific developmental area while also supporting the development of others. This is an excellent framework to build individual capability and increase collaboration and trust among participants. Read More..

Inclusive Manager: Maximizing the Mix

This workshop brings to life what it means to be an Inclusive Manager and how to maximize the mix. This is an interactive game-based and learning map workshop design where participants discover what it means to have an inclusive mindset. The design creates a positive learning experience by introducing serious content in a fun and engaging way. Managers will leave this program with pragmatic and simple things they can do to be more inclusive - and will likely never have had an experience quite like this training. Unique, hands-on and powerful. Read More..


Multiply Your Impact

Building the Next Level of Talent & Organizational Capability is a workshop designed for Senior Leaders who are responsible for developing the next generation of talent given business growth and organizational expansion. This workshop can be customized and anchored in your business strategy, goals and language - creating a practical, intimate and safe learning environment for senior leaders. This workshop is focused on shifting leaders' mindsets about leading and growing themselves - and their teams. Through reflection, action learning, exercises and discussions, participants will realize that doing what they have always done is not enough. Read More..

Unconscious Mind

The design of this unconscious bias workshop is based on global and regionally relevant research, illustrations, videos, exercises and personal reflection. This type of design creates an interactive, safe and productive discussion of how to build a culture of inclusion by understanding the unconscious mind and bias that naturally exists. Read More..

You Inc

This workshop focuses on personal branding, executive presence, strategic networking and overall career success. This program is designed for senior leaders targeted for advancement and/or increased responsibility and can be customized to address specific issues inside your organization. This program is also available as a Women's Leadership Development Program. As a follow up to the workshop, one-to-one coaching is available. Read More..